At our practice in Kensington, we have a dedicated x-ray suite. It is kitted out with a high-power X-ray generator and advanced digital processing technology. This means that we can take high quality radiographs which can be processed within one minute and manipulated digitally. As a result, your four-legged friend is not exposed to unnecessary doses of radiation due to incorrect exposure factors or faulty radiographic processing.

Digital radiography can be used for a range of issues such as examining your pet’s internal organs, their reproductive or gastrointestinal systems. With high-definition radiography, we can also diagnose fractures, joint abnormalities or locate foreign objects. Contact us or arrange a consultation with us to discuss what’s necessary for your pet’s diagnosis.

Once your pet’s radiographs have been processed, we can also send them in digital format to external specialists, if we require a second opinion on their interpretation.

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