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Pet Neutering Services

At Kensington Vet Care we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in pet neutering, and it is a service that we perform daily. The majority of pets in Kensington and Central London are neutered, but the choice to go ahead with the procedure is completely up to you. We will help you make an informed decision.


What is the difference between neutering, castrating and spaying?

Often the terms neutering, castrating, and spaying are used interchangeably, which can get confusing. But, do not worry, whatever term you use, we will understand what you mean and perform the correct procedure! 


Generally, for both cats and dogs, spaying is a term used for females. In the spaying process, a vet will remove the ovaries and the uterus, so your pet does not undergo menstrual cycles and is unable to get pregnant. 


In male dogs and cats the surgery is called castrating. In castration, the male animal’s testicles are removed, which are the main source of the hormone testosterone. 


Finally, neutering is the term that applies to either process. So, if you’re ever in doubt or confused, we recommend sticking to neutering.

On average, neutered pets live
significantly longer.

What are the benefits of neutering your pet?

While it is obvious that one of the main reasons you would have your pet neutered is to stop them from reproducing, there are, potentially, other benefits for their health and for pet owners. 

Health benefits

  • In female cats and dogs, there is a lower incidence of mammary cancer if the procedure is carried out in the first few years of life.
  • For male dogs, neutering significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer, perineal hernias and perianal tumours.
  • A near elimination of the risk of pyometra, an infection of the womb, for female cats and dogs.
  • Female rabbits will not suffer with endometriosis after neutering. 
  • On average, neutered pets live significantly longer. 

Behavioural benefits

  • Territory marking is reduced, particularly in male cats.
  • Male dogs and cats can experience reduced aggression towards other males.
  • Reduced roaming behaviour in male cats and dogs.
  • Elimination of seasons in females, which can have psychological benefits.

The best time for neutering pets

Each animal is different, so we recommend discussing the best time for neutering in more detail with us. The best time can depend on a range of factors such as their breed, size, and sex. However, dogs and cats can be neutered from as early as 3 months. 

How much does neutering cost?

Our prices for dog or cat spaying range from £175 to £700. This price includes pre-surgery consultation, the operation itself, painkillers, a cone for your pet, and suture removal post-operation.

The prices for castrating your male cat or dog range from £145 to £400. Similarly, to our spaying procedure, the price for castration includes a pre-surgery consultation, the operation, a cone for your pet, painkillers for after the procedure and suture removal post-operation.

Deciding to neuter your pet or not is, of course, a personal decision for you as the owner of your pet. Our role as experienced veterinary professionals is to provide all the relevant information and options available to you.

We would be more than happy to discuss neutering your dog or cat with you in more detail over the phone. Some cases may also need a visit to our practice so that we can examine your pet and give you the best possible advice. 

If you are interested in neutering your pet, contact us for more information or book a consultation online.

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