At Kensington Vet, we have a wealth of expertise in cat and dog neutering and it’s something that we’re doing every day!

These days, the majority of pets in London, are neutered, but whether you want to go ahead with it or not is completely up to you. But before you make your decision, it’s important to have as much information as you can about dog and cat neutering.

The Difference Between Neutering, Castrating or Spaying

Often the words neutering, castrating, and spaying are used interchangeably, which can seem confusing, especially since you want to book your pet in for the right service!

In general, dog or cat spaying refers to the removal of the ovaries and uterus from a female pet. On the other hand, castration refers to the removal of testicles from a male animal. Finally, neutering can apply to either process, so if you’re ever confused, it’s best to stick to neutering.

What are the Benefits of Neutering Your Pet?

You may not have realised, but there are actually many benefits of neutering you dog or cat. These benefits include:

  • Less incidence of mammary cancer in female cats and dogs
  • A reduction in the incidence of prostate cancer, perineal hernias, and perianal tumours in male dogs
  • A near elimination of the risk of pyometra in female cats and dogs
  • Female rabbits are less likely to suffer with endometriosis
  • On average, neutered pets live significantly longer than entire ones
  • Reduced territory marking particularly in male cats
  • Decreased aggression in male dogs and cats towards other males
  • Reduced roaming behaviour in male cats and dogs
  • Elimination of seasons in females with many practical and psychological benefits

When is the Best Time to Neuter Your Pet?

We recommend discussing this with us in more detail in the practice because each individual case varies. Dogs and cats can be neutered from as early as 3 months.

How Much Does Neutering Cost?

Our prices for dog or cat spaying range from £145 to £595. This price includes pre-surgery consultation, the operation, painkillers, a cone for your pet, and suture removal post-operation.

Our prices for castrating your male cat or dog range from £109.5 to £350. Similarly to our spaying procedure, the price for castration includes a pre-surgery consultation, the operation, a cone for your pet, painkillers for after the procedure and suture removal post-operation.

Whether you end up neutering your pet or not is of course, a personal decision for you as the owner of your pet. Our role as an experienced veterinary clinic is to simply provide all the relevant information and options available to you.

We would be more than happy to discuss neutering your dog or cat with you over the phone. Some cases may also need a visit to our practice so that we can examine your pet and give you the best possible advice. Get in touch with us for more information or book a consultation online.