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Are pet care plans worth it?

As pet owners, we all know that caring for your furry friends can be expensive as costs mount up for consultations, vaccinations and flea and worming treatments. As a solution to these costs, many vets offer pet care plans, which is a scheme that offers to save you money with vet care. But are pet plans worth it, and will they actually help you with saving money? Keep on reading to find out if subscribing to a pet plan is the best route to take for your pet’s veterinary care, and why at Kensington Vet Care we don’t offer these types of plans to our patients.


What is a pet care plan?

Pet plans are a subscription service that covers routine healthcare for your pet. By paying in monthly instalments your pet gets their annual vaccines, flea, tick, and worm treatment, routine check-ups and discounts on medication and surgical procedures. It is important to note that pet plans and what they cover, differ between vet practices, so if you’re currently subscribed to one, it may not cover all the things mentioned.

The main selling point of these plans is the ease of having all the necessary treatments and check-ups all rolled into one payment that comes at a discount price compared to paying for everything your pet needs separately. But it is really worth it?

Do Kensington Vet Care offer pet plans?

No, at our practice we do not offer monthly pet care plans. They are a few reasons as to why we don’t and why we feel like they aren’t worth it for you and your pet.

“‘Are pet plans worth it?’, the final judgment is no, which is why we don’t offer them at our practice.”

Pet care plans can be restrictive

When you sign up to a pet care plan, you’re agreeing to a defined amount of treatment and consultations. Therefore, if you need extra consultations, you will have to pay more money on top of your monthly subscription, which defeats the point of signing up in the first place.

You can’t control when or how many times in a month your furry friend gets sick or needs to visit the vet, which is why for lots of pets, monthly pet plans are a better solution to paying for all your treatment separately.

You can end up paying unnecessarily

On the other end of the last point, if your pet doesn’t need as much treatment one month, or in general doesn’t visit the vet that much, then with a monthly pet care plan you are paying unnecessarily for treatment and consultations that you aren’t using.

Differences in medication

To be able to charge a lower cost for monthly subscriptions, vets need to make some cuts in other areas to ensure that their business is still viable and making money. Often, this results in needing to use lower quality or more generic medication for your pet.

While this medication will still help to treat your pet, it may not be the best choice for your breed as the higher quality medication we are able to offer without a pet plan. At our practice we always want to treat your four-legged friend the most effective way possible with the highest quality of care, therefore we can’t justify offering plans that make it seem like you’re getting a good deal for your vet treatment.

Overall, we feel that all these reasons show that in answer to the question ‘are pet plans worth it?’, the final judgment is no, which is why we don’t offer them at our practice. However, we still do offer expert treatment for your pet, so get in touch with us today, or book an appointment online.


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