Ticks, fleas and worms are a very common condition for dogs and cats to suffer with. These external and internal parasites can cause a range of annoyances for both you and your pet including discomfort, ill health and in more serious and rare cases, potentially life-threatening complications.

Canine lungworm is a particularly dangerous parasite that is transmitted via slugs and snails. The disease is relatively new in the UK and can exhibit no symptoms until it is too late to treat effectively. This is why prevention of these parasites is incredibly important for the health of your pets.

How to Prevent Ticks, Fleas and Worms

At Kensington Veterinary Care, we will work with you directly to devise an optimum tick, flea and worm treatment programme for your cat or dog. We want to provide maximum safety for your pet and also maximum convenience for you, so we use our expert knowledge and experience to recommend exactly what products to use.

Which Treatments do Vets Recommend?

The tick, flea and worm treatment products we recommend will depend on the species of your four-legged friend, and their lifestyle. On today’s market, there are a wide variety of anti-parasite products, so choosing them alone can often be confusing. We will only prescribe licensed tick, flea and worm treatments for your cat or dog, so you can be assured that they will work effectively.

If you want to buy your own treatments, it’s important to remember that not all products available are the same. You can ask us for expert advice and guidance before you buy anything, we’re always happy to help!

Get in touch with us today for any other questions regarding ticks, fleas and worms, or book a consultation online.