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Conscious of losing your pets? – Microchip them! Microchipping your dog or cat is crucial to help reunite your pet with you if it is lost. It allows them to be identified if this ever occurs and means they can be reunited with you. We are experts in microchipping and it is a procedure that we carry out every day at our practice in Kensington. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a rabbit, we recommended having them microchipped.


How does microchipping work?

A microchip is only about the size of a grain of rice, and it is implanted into your pet with an injection between their shoulder blades. The procedure is very quick, and we can even do it during one of your check-up appointments.

The microchip stores a unique 15-digit identification number, which is linked to your contact information. So, when your pet’s microchip is scanned, it emits a radio frequency signal, which lets the scanner read the identification number. 

After the microchipping procedure, we will upload the information to the Petlog database, so you can have peace of mind straight away. Additionally, you can set up an account with them, which allows you to edit your details, for example, if your address or phone number changes in the future.

“Once the microchip has been implanted, your pet won’t be able to feel anything, so you don’t have to worry about them being in any discomfort. “

The importance of microchipping

Microchipping is extremely important and in fact, since 6th April 2016, microchipping your dog has been compulsory in the UK. It is also planned to make this obligatory for cats from May 2024.

Additionally, if you are planning on travelling abroad with your pet, microchipping is a requirement for obtaining travel health certificates.

If you need your pet microchipping, get in touch with us or book an appointment online. Or find out more about the other services our veterinary practice offers. 

Microchipping cost

At our practice in Kensington, microchipping your cat or dog costs £42. This is a one-off cost for your pet, as once they have been microchipped, it never needs to be replaced or renewed.

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