Just like people, older pets need more frequent visits to identify the early signs of geriatric disease or to monitor the progression of existing conditions.

How often should I take my older pet to the vet?

We recommend that cats and dogs over 8 years old are examined at least every 6 months to give us the best chance of spotting these problems as early as possible.

What does an older pet health assessment involve?

To aid our diagnosis of these diseases we offer a comprehensive older pet health assessment.

The exact format of this will depend on the particular circumstances but will include a full clinical examination, blood pressure measurement, haematology and biochemistry, urine analysis and, for cats, thyroid hormone assay.

The results of these tests may be consistent with kidney, liver, heart or thyroid disease and we will be able to provide you with full details of the treatment necessary or suggest further investigation if a definitive diagnosis has not been reached.

On the other hand, if all the results are normal, you will be reassured that your pet is happy and healthy and you have done everything possible to keep him or her that way.

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