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Monday - Friday 8.30am-6.00pm Saturday 9.00-12.00

Pet Testing and Diagnosis

Our practice in Kensington has a full suite of pet testing and diagnostic equipment, which helps us to reach a clear diagnosis of your pet’s condition or reassure you that there are no underlying problems. In addition to this, we also have a dedicated x-ray suite.


Pet testing technology

Our wide range of diagnostic equipment and procedures includes blood and urine analysis, infectious disease testing, and blood pressure measurement. With our full suite of equipment we can provide quick and effective results that don’t need to be sent off for analysis, meaning a quicker diagnostic process for you and your pet. We also routinely provide blood and urine analysis as part of our pet health check.

Blood analysis

Our blood analysis technology includes the latest hi-tech haematology and biochemistry analysers. These are used during a health check and in the diagnostic path of if your pet is unwell, to provide information about their metabolic health including liver, kidney, pancreatic, thyroid and adrenal function, their electrolyte balance and their immunological status.

Blood analysers provide the fastest and most accurate information available in first opinion practice; we can usually provide same day results for your pet’s diagnosis.

Urine analysis 

With urine analysis, our team can measure a number of parameters such as concentration, glucose, protein and pH levels. We are also able to identify the presence of any blood and markers for infection. These measurements allow us to diagnose your pet’s condition, or monitor conditions including diabetes, kidney failure and urinary tract infections. 

Our urine analyser is also able to look for signs of inflammation and the presence of crystals. This is particularly important for cats in helping to prevent any urinary obstructions. Much of the time we do not need to send off your pet’s sample for analysis, so we are able to provide you with the quickest results possible.

Blood pressure measurement 

Measuring blood pressure has become an increasingly important area of pet testing, especially for older cats. Increased blood pressure can be the first indication of incipient kidney, thyroid, or heart disease, so it is an important step in your pet’s diagnosis. 

Our array of equipment allows for a quick, non-invasive, and accurate assessment of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, so we can effectively reach a conclusion. 

Infectious disease testing

We can also test your pet for various infectious diseases including feline leukaemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, canine lungworm, giardia and leishmania.

Digital radiography

Our dedicated X-ray suit is fitted with a high-power X-ray generator and advanced digital processing technology. This means that we can take high-quality radiographs that can be processed within one minute and manipulated digitally, ensuring your pet is not exposed to unnecessary doses of radiation.

Digital radiography can be used for a range of pet testing reasons, such as examining their internal organs and their reproductive or gastrointestinal systems. High-definition radiography also allows us to diagnose fractures, joint abnormalities, or locate foreign objects. 

Once your pet’s radiographs have been processed, we can also send them digitally to external clinicians, if a second opinion is required. 

If you wish to get to the bottom of your pet’s diagnosis, book a vet consultation with us today. Or get in touch with us for more information on our testing and diagnosis facilities.

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