Pet Passports for Cats and Dogs

Are you looking to travel with your furry friend to another country any time soon? Following a recent change in the regulations, travelling abroad with your dog or cat has never been easier but it requires a pet passport issued under the PETS travel scheme. In the following sections we are going to explain a little bit more about the process of getting a passport for your cat or dog.

What is a pet passport?

A Pet Passport can be issued provided that your pet has been microchipped and vaccinated against rabies and is available from 12 weeks of age onwards.

Where can my cat or dog travel to?

Once the pet passport has been issued, your pet can then travel to Europe 22 days later and return to the UK without any quarantine period.

Requirements for travel to countries outside the EU and return from them vary widely and, in some cases, further documentation and blood testing is necessary.

For authoritative information regarding travel to other countries please contact DEFRA/APHA, the Government department in charge of animal movement.

Who can issue a pet passport?

Johnny Irish is an Official Veterinarian (OV) authorised by the Government to carry out procedures involved in pet travel. Johnny has many years of experience in dealing with the sometimes confusing procedures that travelling with your pet entails and is happy to discuss this with you at the practice or over the phone.

What are the requirements for getting a pet passport?

The exact procedure that is involved depends on the country or countries that you are visiting with your pet and whether you are planning to return. You must check with DEFRA, the government agency that controls animal movement between countries, if you are travelling to a country not included in the list of countries covered by the Pet Passport Scheme as further documentation (including an Export Health Certificate) is likely to be required and, for some countries, diagnostic testing is required prior to the issue of any documentation.

How quickly can a passport for my dog or cat be issued?

If your pet’s vaccinations for the desired destination are up to date, we can issue the passport within 24 hours at our surgery. You will then be able to travel with you cat or dog 22 days later.

Animal diseases abroad

Apart from rabies there are many other infectious diseases that your pet may come into contact with if you travel abroad with him or her. The most important are the arthropod-borne diseases leishmaniasis, babesiosis and ehrlichiosis but they obviously vary from place to place. We strongly recommend you contact us as soon as you know that you want to take your pet abroad so that we can advise you accordingly.

How long is a pet passport valid for?

Your dog’s or cat’s passport is valid as long as you keep his or her rabies vaccination up to date. You are required to give your pet a booster rabies vaccination every 1-3 years depending on the brand of vaccine and the country in which it was administered.

What does a pet passport for dogs or cats cost?

Your pet will need to be at least 12 weeks old, microchipped and have a rabies vaccination.

Our costs for this are as follows:

Microchipping: £42

Rabies Vaccination: £49.50

Passport Issue: £69.50

Are you ready to get your pet a passport or have more questions? Just call us today on 020 7221 3093 or book your appointment online and we are happy to help!